New work, new artists, new exhibition, new website … It’s all go round here!

Winter Afternoon Anglesey 1984 - Mike Knowles

After our first exhibition last year we quickly realised that people really connected with what we are trying to do. We wanted a gallery which was all about the quality of the work being shown, not because it matches home decor or reminds people of their childhoods. We’ve had some astonishing comments: “It reminds me of Tib Lane Gallery at its peak” and “It’s the best exhibition I’ve been to in many years, and I include lots of London shows in that” are just two examples.

Our current Spring/Summer show is something we are very proud of. Seven artists whose works are new to the gallery, including names like Leon Kossoff and Miranda Richmond.  We think this will rank as one of the best exhibitions in the North West this year.

The new website is long overdue and we are delighted with the efforts of Vaughan at Pilcrow + Pixel for building it for us – thank you!

Please get in touch if you want to visit and we can make the arrangements for a convenient time for you to come over.  Alternatively we can arrange to visit you with works that are of interest.

Tel: 07740 625 635