Arthur Berry

Arthur Berry was born in Stoke in 1925. He studied at the Burslem School of Art and at The Royal College of Art (1943). He was an artist and also a noted playwright and poet.

Berry is the most well-known artist from Staffordshire in recent times and his work is collected with a passionate local pride. His paintings are expressive and authentic, gritty and personal, showing a unique vision of life as it was to Arthur. The works are not intended to be pretty, nor are they meant to shock. They are the artist’s own expression of his life and surroundings, the places and people he met in the rough and tough streets of post-war Burslem.

Berry was one half of a major six-month exhibition at Stoke Art Gallery in 2015/16 alongside L.S. Lowry, a painter he greatly admired.

Arthur Berry died in 1994.