About Us

Welcome to The Colony…

Creating a gallery selling works by leading artists in Rochdale, north of Manchester, is somewhat unusual. Unusual, but not unachievable.

We knew what we wanted to show in the space and there was no way we would compromise. The whole premise is to exhibit works that we ourselves would either love as a collector, or feel inspired by as an artist.

So that is what we have done.

Colony Art, a name which combines our interest in artist collectives (Art Colonies) with the legendary drinking club frequented by the greats of post-war British painting (The Colony Room), is aimed at people interested in looking at a broader geographical range of artists than the somewhat insular northwest art scene. We want to have works that you might see in a gallery in London, or works by painters and ceramicists whose quality we feel deserves to achieve national or international recognition. We want to be a destination for people interested in art.

There are two of us, each bringing something different into the mix. Richard Fitton, a painter from Oldham, who has been marked as one of the most exciting artists in the country, and Anthony Cosgrove, a collector with involvement in various art publications and websites.

This combination allows us to talk about the work on both a physical and knowledgeable level. Researching can be a huge thrill, discovering links and history. Understanding a piece gets us to the heart of the artist’s process in creating the work itself.

There are friends and family too who have helped vastly in creating Colony, and without whom it pretty much would not have been possible, (Thank you all – x.)

So welcome to the Colony. Different, certainly. Authentic, definitely.

Richard & Ant